Direct Donation

Instead of holding incentive-based fundraisers, this year the PTO wants to try something new! We understand our Raider families are busy, and fundraisers can be a hassle. The direct donation is a one-time donation to the PTO that is 100% tax deductible and you don’t have to sell anything. With this one-time donation you help fund assemblies, field trip transportation, classroom enrichment grants, high school scholarships, and much more!

*For every $30 you donate, you will be entered into a raffle to win a pack of FIVE one-day Disney World park hopper passes (valued at $845)! Tickets expire 9/3/2021. Only students and staff of CLSD are eligible to win. Drawing will be held at our November meeting – you do NOT need to be present to win!*

To donate online, and be eligible for our raffle - Click the Donate button below and choose your donation level. Be sure to include your students name to be entered!  Donations must be received by November 4, 2019 to be eligible!

*Remember, only CLSD students and staff are eligible to win!*

If you would rather donate with cash or check (made payable to Columbia PTO), please print this form and send in with your student in an envelope marked Columbia PTO, or you can mail to:

Columbia PTO

ATTN: Membership

PO Box 366

Columbia Station, OH 44028


* Why Direct Donation?

     * The PTO understands how crazy fundraising can be. With a one-time donation, we can hopefully meet our goal for the year without you having to pester your family and friends!

* Where do I go to become a member?

     * Membership is included in your $30 donation. If you only want to become a member, and you do NOT want to be entered into the raffle, you can print the form and send in your $10. If you include a student's name on the form, the $10 will go towards their raffle entry total.

* Can I donate over the suggested amount?

    * Yes! As a matter of fact, for every $30 donation your student will receive 1 entry into our amazing Disney raffle! The more donated, the more chances to win!

* Will you be doing ANY fundraising this year?

     * This is a tricky one. With the success of our Direct Donation campaign, you will NOT be seeing fundraisers like cookie dough, tumblers, restaurant nights, magazines... in short, any fundraisers where you feel like you have to participate in. We will continue Box Tops, AmazonSmile, and Giant Eagle Apples for the students. These are set-it and forget-it fundraisers that reward you for doing things you would typically do (like shop on Amazon or at Giant Eagle. See our Fundraising page for info on how to register).  We will also continue football squares (no paperwork gets sent home) and we will do Malley's around Easter.

* Can Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbors, Co-workers (etc) donate? How does that work?

     * Yes! They can definitely donate!! There are a few ways for this to work. You can collect all donations and send in on one form (with your student's name). Whoever would like to donate can print off the form (above as a .pdf) and send it in (make sure your student's name is on it!). They can also donate online using the button above. Again, make sure they include your student's now! All donations will pool together for each student and raffle entries will be based off of the total amount for the student. Example: Grandma donates $40, Aunt Jen donates $25, Uncle Joe donates $15, and parents donate $50 -- total donated would be $130 and the student would receive 4 entries to win.

* What happens if the PTO does not meet the fundraising goal?

    * If we do not hit our goal, we will begin to send home fundraising information. The Disney drawing will still be held.

Any questions, please send an email to or contact Jessica at or call/text 440-334-6577

Again, thank you for supporting the PTO!